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PRMS provides innovative technology solutions for the mortgage industry. We are committed to harnassing the power of data, social media and consumer behavior to help lenders increase profitability and origination volumes.

EDS - Enterprise Business Intelligence and Management Reporting

Our BI technology goes beyond the basic dashboards and reports. EDS provides proactive metrics that alert management to potential issues that can lead to costly problems and loss of profits in the future. . EDS improves performance in all areas of the organization.

MPN - Consumer Feedback and Social Media Engagement

Nothing is more important today than a lender's online reputation.  When a consumer needs a loan, they start by researching lender reviews online.  MPN protects your online reputation by ensuring your company is providing the best borrower experienc possible. 

Pipeline Risk Management and Hedging

PRMS has been providing hedging technology since 1999. Our proprietary modeling engine has helped lenders effectively hedge pipelines through the most turbulent of markets.

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